Why Smile Box?

Here at Smile Box, we want to support the nation to improve their mental health and make everyone smile in the process.

Doing the right thing by telling staff you care shouldn’t cost the earth. We were surprised that so many companies were charging as much as £30 per person for corporate wellbeing gifts which is all well and good if you only have a handful of staff members. But what about those with bigger teams and a limited budget? We launched Smile Box to offer an affordable solution that doesn’t mean a compromise on quality and offers a special unboxing experience! Our Smile Box contains a mixture of home, food, lifestyle and mindfulness gifts with a focus on wellbeing. We source ethically and sustainably where possible and include vegan, cruelty free and natural products.

We also do our bit for the environment and for every 1,000 boxes sold, plant a tree. If that’s not enough reason to treat your staff to Smile Box, then maybe the Gallery below will convince you.