Pipe Cleaner Team Challenge!

It’s a known fact that creativity can be great for mindfulness and relaxation. It’s a chance to switch off and let your imagination flow! It can also be good for team building, so we’ve decided to set you this fun challenge. You’ll find an Activity Kit in your Smile Box which is packed with everything ... Read more

Chemistry Lesson Time!

Making time to create joyful moments daily is a great way to pack more smiles and laughter into your life. We all know that doing things we enjoy can help us produce more of the hormones that boost our mood, but do you know what each hormone does?  Here is a quick Chemistry Lesson so ... Read more
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Smile Stand – Self Care just got Serious!

We know it’s special and are super proud of it, so here’s a little more information about our Smile Stand! Mindfulness and Self-Care needs to be fun, guilt-free and easily accessible! Now more than ever before, we are prioritising our mental health and emotional wellbeing but we don’t always know how. With our Smile Stand, ... Read more
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Corporate Wellness – why is it important?

Whatever the size of your organisation and regardless of how many staff are on your payroll, if your staff are happy, healthy and engaged it’s a well-known fact that your business will reap the rewards. From reduced levels of sickness absence to higher productivity and morale, fostering a culture where emotional wellbeing is prioritised is ... Read more