Pipe Cleaner Team Challenge!

It’s a known fact that creativity can be great for mindfulness and relaxation. It’s a chance to switch off and let your imagination flow! It can also be good for team building, so we’ve decided to set you this fun challenge. You’ll find an Activity Kit in your Smile Box which is packed with everything you need to create some fun creatures!

Inside your pack, you’ll find…..

  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Googly Eyes
  • Pom Poms
  • Sticky dots (to attach eyes and pom poms)
  • Handy Wallet to keep your stash in!

Why not have a creative session with your colleagues over zoom?

Proud of what you’ve made – so you should be. Keep your favourite creation next to your desk (go on, we know you want to give your new pet a name!).

Or how about when you’re next in the office, you play a game of ‘Hide the Duck’. Rules are, if you find your new office pet you need to re-hide it within 24 hours!!

Here’s a sneak peak of some ideas. But remember, there’s no right or wrong. It’s all about having some fun and switching off for a while….

We’d love to see your designs so please share them with us over on Instagram or Facebook by tagging us at #SmileBoxUK.

Happy Crafting, The Smile Box Team x

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