Smile Stand – Self Care just got Serious!

We know it’s special and are super proud of it, so here’s a little more information about our Smile Stand!

Mindfulness and Self-Care needs to be fun, guilt-free and easily accessible! Now more than ever before, we are prioritising our mental health and emotional wellbeing but we don’t always know how. With our Smile Stand, you get a helping hand on your way to daily Self-Care!

Featuring 10 Positivity Postcards with motivational messages, quotes and mindfulness tips, all designed to support improved mental health. We have a great selection for you to choose from and can also create something to tie in with your organisation branding or any key messages. Once you have purchased our Smile Stands, we can provide postcards throughout the year for you to distribute to staff to support any new or ongoing campaigns as part of your internal communications strategy.

Your team can display our wooden stand and Postcards on their desk or in a prominent position in the home so all the family can enjoy the daily mindfulness tips.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of our Positivity Postcards…

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