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Smile Box

What is Smile Box?

A Perk Box, Care Package, Carrot on a stick, we don’t mind what you call it, put simply our Smile Box is a Box packed full of treats to make your staff Smile.

Corporate Wellbeing has been a buzzword for a while, but now more than ever before we know that supporting your employee’s mental health and wellbeing is quite rightly high on your list of priorities.

Share the gift of gratitude by rewarding your staff with a Smile Box and let them know you’re thinking about them during this challenging time. As well as a selection of treats for them to enjoy, your company branded Smile Box will also be packed full of mental health resources to support their emotional wellbeing which is especially important right now given the effects of the Global Pandemic.

Smile Box Products

Each Smile Box contains...

6 Products

Six products all chosen to improve wellbeing and promote self-care

Ten ‘Positivity Postcards’ with practical mindfulness tips to support emotional resilience

Ten ‘Positivity Postcards’ with practical mindfulness tips to support emotional resilience

A brochure showcasing the products and also features mental health resources

A brochure showcasing the products and also features mental health resources

A personalised letter from your CEO branded with your company logo

A personalised letter
from your CEO branded with your company logo

Gift wrapped and packaged in tissue paper to feel like a real treat

Gift wrapped and packaged in tissue paper to feel like a real treat

When can I use Smile Box?

A general thank you to all staff in recognition of their contributions

A general thank you to all staff in recognition of their contributions

Gifted to staff instead of a goodie bag at a conference or event

Gifted to staff instead of a goodie bag at a conference or event

To celebrate an annual work anniversary or as a birthday gift

To new starters as part of their on-boarding process as a ‘Welcome’ Gift

To new starters as part of their on-boarding process as a ‘Welcome’ Gift

An end of year Christmas gift to staff in recognition of their hard work

Gift wrapped and packaged in tissue paper to feel like a real treat

A 12 month subscription as part of your benefits scheme

Why Smile Box?

We launched Smile Box as we are passionate about employee wellbeing and supporting positive mental health.  We also want to remove the stigma by normalising conversations and removing the taboo that still exists around mental health discussions.

Whether your staff are in the office, or working from home, we are pretty sure they’re forgetting to prioritise self-care right now. With us all feeling the pressure of conflicting priorities as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, it’s not a surprise.  In-between back-to-back video calls, managing home schooling and keeping up to date with life admin, we want people to also prioritise taking care of themselves by creating moments of happiness and calm.

Frequently Asked Questions?

We offer different packages and create bespoke solutions depending on your requirements and budget. Boxes start at £14.95 per person + VAT. If you would like an information pack which contains more information about prices, let us know and we’ll pop one in the post for you with a Sample Box!

There are 6 products inside each box, wrapped in tissue paper for a real sense of luxury. We include a selection of skin care, lifestyle, food and mindfulness products and a brochure which tells you a bit about each item and includes some information about positive mental health. We also include a personalised letter from your Director or CEO which features your logo and any other message or theming you’d like. And don’t forget the all-important Smile Stand which features mental health resources to improve the wellbeing of your team.

Yes! Our boxes are suitable for both men and women. Stereo-typing products based on gender isn’t very 21st Century so all products are suitable for everyone. If you need products that are suitable for a specific gender - for example you have an all-male team, then we can discuss the options with you. (We’ll also probably talk to you about the importance of diversity and tell you to get some females in your team sharpish).

It’s up to you! We appreciate some of you will be providing boxes to staff who are in the office and in that case you’ll probably want to surprise your team by leaving a Smile Box on their desk to find when they arrive into work – What a nice treat! We also know many of you are sending our boxes to people who are remote working from home. In that case we can either supply the boxes directly to you at Head Office to distribute to staff or we can post them to staff on your behalf using a GDPR compliant process to receive your data.

We include a general narrative around positive mental health and the importance of seeking support if it’s required. We also include mindfulness tips focussed around things like the importance of good sleep, water, exercise tips for remote working and so on. The resources are prepared by our Smile Box founder Donna who is a qualified NLP Practitioner and coach and also has a Level 2 Qualification in ‘Understanding Health Improvement from the Royal Society of Public Health so you can be confident that the resources and narrative is suitable. All of the resources can be sent to you for your review prior to your Smile Boxes being created and we can also create new material tailored to meet any specific needs, messages or themes within your business.

Every business we work with is offered a completely bespoke solution following a Discovery Session with a member of our team. Once we have a better feel for your organisational culture and the objectives for your box, we will send you a tailored proposal offering a few different combinations of products. If there’s something particular you’d like included in your box, we can accommodate this and can also feature branded products featuring your logo or campaign message. All this will be discussed during our Discovery Session – along with what the weather is doing outside.

Of course! If you're considering using Smile Box within your organisation, we'd love to send you a Brochure and sample Smile Box so you can find out more, and see for yourself what's included. We're also here to answer any questions you might have, so just get in touch using our 'Contact Us' Page above and we'll be happy to help.

We doubt it as we buy everything in bulk to reduce the costs and pass those savings onto you. From the packaging boxes to the products and mental health materials, we source everything to provide you with a solution that’s ready to go giving you the convenience of being able to get on with what you do best – your day job.

We know it’s special and are super proud of it, but no sorry these aren’t available to purchase separately. Our Smile Stand features 10 Positivity Postcards with motivational messages, quotes and mindfulness tips, all designed to support improved mental health. We have a great selection for you to choose from and can also create something to tie in with your branding or any key messages. Once you have purchased our Smile Stands, we can provide postcards throughout the year for you to distribute to staff to support any new or ongoing campaigns as part of your internal communications strategy. You can find out more about our Smile Stand here...

Of course you can and we’d encourage you to do so! While you’re sending out Smile Boxes for the right reasons – to boost employee wellbeing you may as well benefit from some kudos for being the lovely and caring employer that you are. Celebrating the fact that you’re sending Smile Boxes will help boost morale and improve your employee engagement scores so why not cash in and make the most of the opportunity with our PR/Media Pack which we provide free of charge when you place an order. This includes a selection of photos and posts that you can share on LinkedIn, your intranet, company-wide newsletters, or on your Yammer page. We include photos of your branded Smile Boxes leaving our warehouse, countdown graphics and some product photography of your personalised boxes to use as you see fit.

We’re glad you asked. It’s important to us and not just because we want brownie points. We think about environmental sustainability in everything we do. From the packaging boxes we use which use responsibly sourced and recycled cardboard to the printed resources in our boxes which are from a FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council®) print company. Our Carbon Footprint is also important to us, so for every 100 boxes we produce, we plant 1 tree. We also carefully select the products within our boxes and partner with companies who are a good fit for our values and ethical mindset.

All food products are vacuum sealed and labelled with ingredients and allergen information. We avoid food items with nuts but would always suggest you check the packaging before opening or consuming any products.

Yes, absolutely! Just get in touch and let us know how many delegates, the number of items you want in your Smile Boxes and any particular theming and we'll put a proposal together for you. We can fill boxes with a selection of stationary, sweets, mindfulness products, and branded items or postcards to match your event theming. We can even produce Programme Guides to be included with your Smile Boxes!